Parenting is hard work, but so worth the attention parents give it. If given the investment of Life Coaching, it can help parents make this season of life rewarding. Parenting does not need to be a time that a mom and dad barely survive. 

This twelve-week package aids parents in

  • cultivating loving and respectful family relationships
  • learning new ways to relate to the child as they move through the different stages of childhood
  • developing a discipline plan that encourages and empowers the child
  • understanding God’s plan for each role as father, mother, and child
  • creating a criterion for friends and other mentors in the child’s life
  • learning how to disciple the child in their faith
  • navigating through the challenges kids and teens may face such as grief, divorce care, depression, bullying, poor academics, low self-esteem, etc. 

If you need help in the above areas of parenting or any others not listed, please fill out the form below. Marcie will get back to you within 24 hours to explore this package more thoroughly as it relates to your situation.

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