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Why is Kids Ministry so important? What four groups of people does a Kids Ministry reach?  

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#1 Kids. Kids Ministry is a structured and intentional environment provided every week for children to hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ. The ministry offers kid-targeted opportunities for kids to know Jesus, grow in His word, and experience Godly community.

#2 Parents. Kids Ministry gives parents support during the tough times; celebrates, encourages, and affirms them during the milestones of their kid’s life; and it resources parents with help in raising their children to trust and follow Jesus.

#3 Church. Kids Ministry adds life and joy to the church family. Children’s energy and eagerness to know and follow Jesus often strengthens the adult community. Additionally, the ministry develops kids into disciples of Jesus, equips them to be future leaders of His church, and empowers them to be evangelists to unbelievers.

#4 World. Kids Ministry heartens an others mindset, giving children a passion for serving rather than be served. It encourages children to be gospel-minded as they seek opportunities to share Jesus with their neighbors, friends, family, and to the nations. 

Kids Ministry is as essential as academic education (if not more). Without a ministry in the church for kids, we hinder God’s plan for them to come to know Jesus, be blessed with eternal salvation, and experience abundant life in Christ.  


Without a ministry in the church for kids, we hinder God’s plan for them to come to know Jesus, be blessed with eternal salvation, and experience abundant life in Christ. Click To Tweet

What is Leadership Coaching for Kids Ministry?

After 31 years of serving from a volunteer to a full-time Licensed Children’s Minister, I understand the joys, synergy, excitement, and the power Jesus bolsters within when it comes to seeing children’s lives change in the name of Jesus! Leading Children’s Ministry has been the most significant and compelling experience of my life. I am eternally grateful that God allowed me to serve Him in this part of His church.

But I also know the lows in the ministry, those times when fatigue takes over, and faith wanes. I know all too well, the worry, discouragement, and anxiety. I understand the frustration when the tyranny of the urgent threatens planning and preparation for the future. 

You, my friend, are not alone.

Let’s face it; Kids Ministry is hard work for the leaders. It can be discouraging as you try to create and cast the vision for its importance, recruit volunteers, manage volunteer care, keep parents informed and involved, and create fun, engaging kid environments that disciple children and go beyond providing childcare.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the challenges a leader faces in his/her position. It’s at these times when a Leadership Coach can come alongside the Kid’s Minister and his/her team, encourage, brainstorm, plan, and enliven new hope and vision in this position and its subsequent ministry.

Because I love the ministry to kids and God’s church, I have stepped out in faith from leading the Kids Ministry to providing Leadership Coaching for Children’s Ministers/Leaders. Leadership Coaching partners with you in unlocking God’s potential that moves your ministry from where it currently stands to where God wants it to go. 

What does Leadership Coaching offer you? As I ask you and your team powerful and pointed questions, we will examine the following five areas of your ministry and design a Kids Ministry that makes for a life-changing present and future: 

Clarity: Discover your leadership style; create leadership positions and responsibilities; develop (or refine) vision, mission, values, and policies that remain current, simple, teachable, and repeatable. 

Strategy: Develop a criterion for the right volunteer and learn how to place each in their sweet spot; design a volunteer care and appreciation plan; organize and implement a leadership pipeline; plan easy to access training events that inspire volunteers to serve with their whole mind, heart, and soul. 

Engagement: Gain a pulse on your Kids Ministry’s spiritual needs, plan deliberate steps to meet them, and connect kids with God in a way that creates life change. Additionally, develop easy onramps where parents are involved in the discipleship process at church and home. 

Communication: Learn different types of conversations to have with the Senior Pastor and Spiritual Leaders of the church that will inform and inspire them of the needs of the kids’ ministry, all while showing them you are in alignment and support for the overall church vision.

Longevity: Develop a plan to keep God first in your own life, continue support and growth; and set boundaries for rest, worship, and work.

You and your team benefit from the intentionality that Leadership Coaching offers. It allows space in your busy schedule for strategizing, it offers accountability and promises movement of your ministry from good to great. 

Prices for this package vary according to the number of people coached. There is a package for one person and one for teams up to five people.  If you would like to learn more through a free consult, please fill out the form below, and Marcie will connect with you in the next 24 hours. 








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