Divorce Care

It is disheartening when a marriage is over; no one goes into marriage thinking it will end one day. But there are times when this is necessary. The reasons for a divorce are varied. And the decision to do so is not typically made lightly.

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The emotional and physical challenges this transition creates is best not walked alone. Having the insight and help from a Life Coach can move a person successfully through the difficulties divorce presents.

Over a minimum of twelve weeks, the Life Coach helps the individual navigate new beginnings and live their life feeling whole not broken. Each person walks away from the life coaching session experiencing the hope that life can be good again. 

If children are involved, a package is offered for them as well. Divorce affects children in so many ways; if their pain is neglected, it can be traumatic for them their entire life. Over a minimum of twelve weeks, this package answers children’s questions, teaches them how to relate to mom and dad, learn ways to adapt to their new life, and creates for them a healing experience.

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Note: The Divorce Care packages for parent and children can correspond with each other so the family can grow together, or they can be done independently. 

If you have found yourself in this life challenge and want to explore more about this package, please fill out the form below and Marcie will contact you within 24 hours.

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