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There are those times when we feel stuck. We don’t know what to do or what next step to take.  We feel bound to where we are and need someone to help us navigate our life to a better place.  

Could this be you? I’m here to help.

Below you will find different coaching packages offered. Please keep in mind that all packages can be redesigned to fit your specific situation. 

Once you fill out the form on the Life Coach Page, I will call you. This phone call is an introductory session where we can get to know one another, discuss your coaching needs, and answer any questions you might have. The phone call can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. It’s free. If you feel comfortable moving forward with coaching, we will schedule your first appointment and I will email you the Welcome Packet. 

The following are packages that I offer, however, you can also choose a monthly package which is $300.  

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Pre-Marital Coaching – 5 weeks – $375

So many people jump into marriage not fully prepared for the commitment they are about to make. Sadly, the result is two people who eventually give up, or they never experience the depth and beauty marriage can bring to their life. Don’t do this! Be prepared! Live the marriage you want! Over a five-week period, this package offers you the chance to work together developing a picture of your marriage. From expectations to setting relationship and financial goals, to handling conflict, learning to become a team and more, you will develop skills that will help you succeed in marriage.

Marriage – 12 weeks $850

Happy marriages are ones worked on. Marriage is wonderful, but it takes focus for it to thrive. There are seasons when a couple needs to be even more intentional – having children, loss, financial and relationship struggles, in-law challenges, etc. Sometimes a couple needs another person to come alongside them to work through these transitions or difficulties. Over a twelve-week period, this package offers a couple the chance to create the best marriage they want to have. A couple learns to make and agree on goals to achieve and acquire new skills to better the relationship; as they work as two on the same team, couples leave this coaching time loving and respecting one another in ways they never thought they could.

Divorce Care

It is disheartening when a marriage ends, but there are times it is necessary. The reasons for a divorce are varied. The decision is not typically made lightly. The emotional and physical challenges this transition creates is best not walked alone. Having the insight and help from a coach helps a person move successfully through the emotional ups and downs divorce presents. A coach helps the individual navigate new beginnings and live their life feeling whole not broken. This package at minimum is eight-weeks long, but it often takes longer to recover from a divorce. The timeframe of the package depends on where one is in the process.

If children are involved, a package is offered for them as well. Divorce affects children in so many ways; if neglected, it can be traumatic for a child’s entire life. This eight-week package answers children’s questions, teaches them how to relate to mom and dad, learn ways to adapt to their new life, creates for them a healing experience, and so much more.

Note: The Divorce Care packages for parent and children can correspond with each other so the family can grow together. However, the joint package can also be separate.

Parent and their children – 12 weeks $1,250 

Divorce Care (for parent/individual only) – 12 weeks $850  

Divorce Care (for children only) – 12 weeks $850   

Parenting – 12 weeks $850

Parenting is hard work, but so worth the attention parents give to it. This twelve-week package helps parents develop their family in the following areas: cultivating loving and respectful relationships, discipline; defining and understanding the role of father, mother, and child, choosing friends and mentors, how to disciple kids in their faith, and so much more.

A specific package is also developed to guide parents through the challenges their children are facing such as depression, bullying, self-esteem, etc. 

Spiritual Development – 4 weeks – $300

People can feel stuck in their relationship with God, especially when life’s challenges hit them hard. This four-week coaching package is designed to help people discern where God is working, set goals for better practices in prayer, Bible Study, worship, generosity, and serving. This coaching package is a launching pad for applying God’s word to each’s specific challenge. While the package is four-weeks long, depending on the situation a person is facing will determine how coach and coachee will meet. The package fee allocates to the length of time needed.

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Note: Payment plans are available upon request. 



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