If you are like me, you want to know how others have been impacted by a service or a product before saying, “I’m in!” I totally get that. So, I have provided you a few testimonials below.

Note: The last name for the testimonials under coaching have been removed for the sake of confidentiality. 


“Marcie provided peace, comfort, and wisdom through her biblical leadership coaching.  Several years ago I embarked on a new role as a ministry coordinator for a group of over 16 women volunteers serving close to 60 girls. As I faced challenges in working with some of the volunteers, Marcie walked alongside me and gave me the tools and guidance necessary to approach each situation in a manner that respected the individuals involved. In doing so, I grew tremendously as a leader and the ministry team grew more unified and committed” – Vicky

Little did I know the day I met Marcie Cramsey how much she would help me, but the Good Shepherd who crossed our paths, He knew. She met with me regularly for over a year as I slowly realized I was in a destructive, abusive relationship. And, she waited patiently for me as I took each step through the darkest valley of my Christian walk to break free from my 23-year marriage. Looking back, I know I could not have escaped without her help. Faithful, wise, patient and kind: Marcie is more than a mentor, she is a true friend! – Leslie

We were at the brink of giving up. So grateful that God led us to Marcie and Dan’s Love & Respect group! We laughed, cried and learned much more about each other, but more importantly how to look at each other as a son and daughter of God; asking ourselves on a regular basis if God would like how we treat one another truly has helped calm the seas. We still have our moments where we feel like bopping each other over the head because we are two different individuals (male & female), but we have the same Love for God and the same deep love for each other. I don’t really think that went away…we were both stubborn and upset. Really listening with our hearts and ears helped us find each other again! Keith & Deborah 

Marcie Cramsey is a wise, gentle, and knowledgeable counselor.  I love meeting with Marcie because she is compassionate, trustworthy, and kind.  Her ability to listen and then provide guidance from a Biblical perspective has been life changing!  – Heather


Deep & Wide: Raising Children Deep in Jesus and Wide in Influence

“Marcie Cramsey has created a practical tool for parents interested in shepherding their children to live a Godly life. The book offers hope and encouragement to all families and I look forward to reading future books by the author” – Julianne Putka

“An inspiring and very practical book to help parents raise their children to love and honor God. She uses real-life examples of the trials in her own family life to show how, with God’s grace, love, and discipline, her (now) grown-up children have hearts for the Lord.  Her book is easy to read. It’s short but packed with information. I am thankful for everything that was shared in this book. What sticks out the most to me after reading this, is to NEVER give up on my children and know that God has a plan” – Lindsay Quinn

“I recently participated in a Bible study using “Deep & Wide” written by Marcie Cramsey.  I truly enjoyed this study, not only for the scriptures that were included in each chapter and could be used for reference in family raising but also for the inclusion of Marcie’s personal stories as well.  The mix of both helped to paint a picture of how these principles are applicable to the raising of children and also how to use them on a daily basis. It was refreshing to realize that we are all going to have battles while raising our families and this study gives us tools with which we can use during these times” – Kim Lando

“I’m loving the book so far and already have a few moms in mind to pass it on to. I thank God for giving Marcie the desire and the words to help others understand His love for them and His desires for their lives” – Dannielle Zarn


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