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Loud, Bold, and Beautiful!

We would all agree that life is hard. It has its mountains and valleys. Some of the valleys are deep and more frequent than the hills. This experience is true for us and very real for the Iranian Refugees. One of our translators living as a refugee in this country we visited shared with us that he taught English in the school and was recently fired – all because he was a Christian. The wife of another

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When Trusting Our Gut Isn’t Enough

Back in the days of no GPS, traveling with me was not a good idea. You see, I am directionally challenged. I don’t understand how to read maps very well. I hate pictures. I’m a steps person, just give me a list of directions. Dan and I went on a little weekend retreat just the two of us. We had our handy map with us which I was using to direct him. The first mistake.

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When the Struggle Steal Your Stability

There are those times in life where the struggles are real. Monstrous even! They are so overwhelming that they threaten to steal our stability. We don’t always give credit to the realness of God’s people found in the pages of the Bible. But their fears and worry were just as material as ours. Two people stand in the face of terror. Do they disable their fear? If yes, how? If not, why? In Isaiah 7,

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