3 Ways Your Kids Can Be a Blessing To Their Sibling

One of the joys (and frustrations) of parenting is cultivating a bond between brothers and sisters. While on the one hand my children certainly did their fair share of fighting and bickering (the frustrating part), they also engaged in loyalty and love for one another. However, the latter didn’t come without some intention on our part. There were many ways that my husband and I encouraged our kids to love each other, but the following

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2 Approaches That Will Keep Your Marriage Alive

Joshua Liebman writes, “And they lived happily ever after is one of the most tragic sentences in literature. It’s tragic because it’s falsehood. It is a myth that has led generations to expect something from marriage that is not possible”   I agree with Liebman! It is this perception of “happily ever after” found in secular romance novels and cheesy Hollywood movies that make me hate these forms of entertainment. They promise a lie. Too many

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