Closer to Jesus

Obeying God Even if You Look Like a Fool

The first time I spoke to a crowd of people was a terrifying experience in my life. I was a part of a homeschool conference. Being a part of the leadership team, we discussed many areas that needed oversight to ensure this convention would be a success. I could have taken a behind the scenes role: registration, food prep, setting up rooms, greeting, and the like. I was comfortable with any one of those (minus

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Gaining Clarity by Taking Two Steps Back

I can remember it as if it were yesterday – the anxiety, the worry, the feeling of never measuring up to the task that faced me.  I needed clarity!  I was new to homeschooling, and I wanted to serve my children’s education with the best. They deserved and needed me to do well. Feeling inadequate, I researched the many approaches to teaching my kids, and instead of feeling encouraged, I suddenly became overwhelmed.   Do I

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