If Only I Would Have Stayed in Line!

“Sometimes I wander out of beaten ways,” says Robert Frost in his poem, “An Encounter.” Frost describes a day when he went ‘half boring and half climbing through a swamp of cedar.’ His coat got hooked, and he became stuck. Looking up what did he see? A resurrected tree. He asked the tree, “You here? Where aren’t you nowadays?” Not sure if he was speaking of the tree or to God, but certainly it would

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Closer to Jesus

How to Choose from Good or Better

In most situations in life, we are met with two paths to take, two decisions, two sides, or two opportunities. Some presented are straightforward: for example, “to sin” or not “to sin,” evil vs. good, or what is fruitful or not. These are not hard choices; instead, the good vs. better options laid before us make decisions challenging. I recently had to choose between something good and something better. It was hard because in many

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