Closer to Jesus

Obeying God Even if You Look Like a Fool

The first time I spoke to a crowd of people was a terrifying experience in my life. I was a part of a homeschool conference. Being a part of the leadership team, we discussed many areas that needed oversight to ensure this convention would be a success. I could have taken a behind the scenes role: registration, food prep, setting up rooms, greeting, and the like. I was comfortable with any one of those (minus

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I Thought For Sure I Could Not Survive This!

“But when Peter saw the strength of the wind, he was afraid.” Peter did not just see the wind that day when he dared to walk on water with Jesus. He saw the strength of the wind! And it caused him great fear in his heart, mind, and soul. Our circumstances have the power to overwhelm us by their strength – maybe they are coming toward us viciously – loss of job, illness, troubles, conflict. Too

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