How You Can Help Kids Living in Troubled Homes

When I was a Children’s Minister, along with leaders, we took kids to camp every summer. Some years, I also went as a leader to the student ministry camps. We would pack up the kids (or teens) and off we went for a week to camp each summer. I admit these weeks were highlights of my ministry! I looked forward to them every year! Some kids and teens came from homes filled with love and

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Closer to Jesus Missions

We Saw Our Fears Die Amidst Their Praise 

Two men of faith, Joshua, and Caleb join ten others filled with fear. The two saw God as powerful; the others saw Him too small. Moses sent them all to scout out the land. “Go up this way to the Negev, then go up into the hill country. See what the land is like…Be courageous” (Numbers 13:16-20).   They went out and scouted the land. After 40 days they returned to camp and reported all

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Having Bigger Faith and smaller fear

When we read the stories of the Bible, we can sit comfortably in our home, drinking our coffee, eating our scones and think, “Now Abram, if you would just have bigger faith in your God, you wouldn’t have created such a mess of things in your life!” I shake my head, because the truth is, when I put myself in Abram’s sandals, I understand why he did what he did. A long time ago, Dan

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