As parents, we fill many different roles in our kid’s lives. It matters that we use each hat we wear to point our kids to our Great God.

Living in a changing culture, where kids are facing all sorts of evil, fears, and pressures, it is becoming even more imperative that we, as parents, parent intentionally.

It occurred to me when my children were young that I could use all of life to help my kids see God at work in their world (not just on a Sunday morning in the kid’s ministry.)


Each circumstance, whether good or difficult, God could use it all to reveal Himself, His love, and His grace to us. Each chapter in this book focuses on a role that parents play in their kid’s life.  With each role, you will read a personal story and a Scripture passage that will give you next steps to apply to your family life.


Many have used the book in small groups and for personal study. One Children’s Minister, who used the book during a summer book club, told me that it was one of the most unique of parenting books she had ever read.  A few other moms have also given their reviews on the book. You can read them on the testimonial page.


I have been quite transparent in this book, sharing the good times and the rough ones. But in each, God has shown Himself faithful. And He can do the same for you. It is my hope that you will be encouraged as you travel this journey called family!


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