Gaining Clarity by Taking Two Steps Back

I can remember it as if it were yesterday – the anxiety, the worry, the feeling of never measuring up to the task that faced me.  I needed clarity! 

I was new to homeschooling, and I wanted to serve my children’s education with the best. They deserved and needed me to do well. Feeling inadequate, I researched the many approaches to teaching my kids, and instead of feeling encouraged, I suddenly became overwhelmed.  

Do I choose the traditional or unit study method? What about “The Charlotte Mason” method, or classical? Should we risk the unschooling way; or keep it simple and use an online school and attend co-ops? The options were endless, and my mind boggled.

Each method was persuasive. All had strong and weak points. Some worked well with boys and others were better for girls. Each seemed to have an area I liked and some I couldn’t imagine doing! Either way, it was hard for me to pick the direction I needed to take until I took a few steps back.

I took some time away from our home school. I stopped looking at the many educational options available. I simply picked up my Bible. I returned to a posture of worship. Getting alone, I read and prayed.

I sought the Lord and asked Him “What is Your choice for our children? Teach me so that I can teach them.”

A Few Steps Back

After being kicked out of the country, “Abram went up from Egypt to the Negev-he, his wife, and all he had, and Lot with him. Abram was very rich in livestock, silver, and gold. He went by stages from the Negev to Bethel, to the place between Bethel and Ai where his tent had formerly been, to the site where he had built the altar. And Abram worshiped the Lord there” (Genesis 13:1-4).

The Bible doesn’t tell us how Abram was feeling, but I think we can gather he was probably discouraged. If you read “Having Bigger Faith and smaller fear, you can understand the discouragement or even frustration he may have had with himself.

How did he handle this disappointment in himself?

He took a few steps back as he headed to the place where he formerly built an altar. It was here that he worshipped the Lord; in some translations, it reads that he called on the name of the Lord. Either way, we see that Abram rectified his mistakes by going back to God. 

Abram did not just travel in stages from dwelling to dwelling; he grew in faith. Each step, even mistakes, taught him how to ask God first then act. We will see more of this in his life as we walk through his story. But for now, let me ask you?

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed?

Are the choices you need to make too numerous?

Perhaps, like Abram, the mistakes you’ve made are significant?

Are you feeling immovable, not sure where to go or what next move to make?  

Finding the Way Forward

After spending a few days reading and praying about the kind of homeschooling environment God wanted for our children, God brought to my attention two words:



Reminded that the reason for homeschooling my kids was not first found in education, but in knowing Jesus as their Savior. I wanted them to see their world through the lens of His truth. I knew the one element in the method of education that I chose had to include the word of God.

Secondly, it mattered to me that while education was important, the relationships built with each of my kids and in what they developed with each other was a chief priority. Therefore, the choice needed to be relational. 

So, the question I had to ask when perusing through educational methods and curriculum was, “How can my children gain an education that fostered our relationships and developed their spiritual growth?”

Going back to this place of worship gave me the clarity to move forward in my choice. My anxiety lessened, my hope arose. God’s mission moved forward in my kids’ training.

When you find yourself in a state of confusion over a direction – take two steps back – worship God – and then you’ll find your way forward.





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