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This Boy Would No Longer Know

On the first Sunday in the middle east of our mission trip, our team attended an all-day church service. Many of the local churches in the region came; there were probably 400 people in all.

Some traveled 7-8 hours; they were excited because an American Christian team was coming to share on the Holy Spirit. That team was us!

Dan and I did not speak at this conference, but God used us in so many other ways. After each session of worship and teaching, we had the opportunity to answer a plethora of questions and pray over people.

One family we met was struggling in this country. Their son, probably around 13 years old, spoke some English and translated for his parents. They shared that it was difficult finding a job; it was hard to wait for a country that would take them permanently. From what we gathered, they had to go through many interviews before being placed for citizenship. The country they were in was only a holding place for the refugees. Life was hard, but they had faith; they were devoted to Jesus Christ. They cherished prayer and asked us to pray for them. And so we did.

An incredible worship set ended out the day’s conference. The people were given time to come forward to pray with others or just kneel on the floor to pray by themselves. Of course, all of this was happening in their Persian language. But the movement of each person, coming forward, bowing on the floor, praying and crying moved me from the inside out.

I felt the urge to go from person to person and lay my hands on them and pray. My first thought was, “These people won’t even know what I’m saying!” But the Spirit of God called me to walk in step with Him; He reminded me that it is the Lord I spoke to not the person I’m praying over, and after all, God understands what I’m saying.

So, I moved out of my comfortable spot and began seeking for the one God wanted me to pray over. One woman was kneeling and crying. I placed my left hand over her. As I was praying, she grabbed my right hand and held it tightly, and then, I felt the tension in her shoulders soften, relax, and peace cover her.

Another woman was crying so hard that she was shaking all over. I stepped over the many people, placed my hands on her and prayed. After a long time of prayer, her shoulders also softened, her crying calmed from a roar to a whimper.

I looked up to see who else the Lord would have me pray over when a couple behind me grabbed my hand and asked for prayer. As we squeezed hands together and bowed, I felt the power of God encircle us with great faith.

I continued to pray for many others, and then, I came back to my chair. Thinking I was finished, the 13-year-old boy I mentioned earlier came forward and knelt in front of me. As he was praying, I felt the call to place my hands on him and pray for him.

As I was thanking God for this boy and asking Him to have favor on him, I was stricken with a flood of gratitude that Jesus saved him.

It occurred to me that no longer would this boy be taught the lies of Islam; he now knows the truth of Jesus Christ. He has confidence in God’s word.

No longer would he be told he had to work for heaven. He knew the grace and mercy of Jesus and about His finished work. He had the certainty of salvation.

Then, I began to cry when I thanked God that no longer would a bomb be strapped to this little boy; no longer would he learn that killing himself and others in Jihad was a great honor. This little boy knew the power of God’s love and the value of living. He would honor God with His life. 

After the prayer time was over, the children of the many who attended came into the room and filed in front. We sang one more song of joy. I watched each child’s face as they sang; with boldness and light, they shouted and gave God glory. Again, God overwhelmed my heart with gratitude that these children knew Jesus! 

With a heart full, I looked up to heaven thanking God that His truth has not been hidden from these kids.

They would praise Jesus, know His strength, and the mighty works that God performs.

A new generation would teach the future generation about the Lord. They would rise and tell their children, and all would put their confidence in God, and not forget His works.  (Psalm 78:4-7).




  1. What a wonderful and beautiful story, Marcie! What an inspiration of faith you are–praying even though they could not understand what you said! The Holy Spirit obviously used you mightily. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Yes! It was a powerful time of prayer. At first,I was so stuck on the language barrier until the Holy Spirit righted my focus on Who I was praying to. 🙂

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