Meet Marcie

I am so happy that you came for a visit. I already know that we are going to be great friends!

I am Marcie Cramsey, wife to Dan who has been my best friend for 35 plus years.  We are parents to four amazing grown children – three sons and one daughter. Our daughter is married to a great man who loves God! They both recently had our first granddaughter! (Grandmothering is the best!)  

(Pics of our family are at the bottom of the page.)

After 30 plus years of serving kids from volunteer to full-time Children’s Minister, I have stepped out in faith to serve families and Children’s Ministers full-time through Life and Leadership Coaching. 

For some time leading up to this point, I had felt the strong pull from the Lord to transition from my position of serving children to a full-time ministry that coaches the whole family and those who serve them from week to week in their churches. I couldn’t be more excited about this next step in life!

A little about me…

I love coffee, and I love to talk about God and family.

I love TV shows like Gilmore Girls, Parenthood and This is Us. Why? Because…you got it…they are about family!

Reading is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I love fiction and non-fiction the same. I’m typically drawn to subjects like political thrillers, history, leadership, coaching, marriage, and family. But I’ll be honest, I pretty much read almost anything! Ask my husband, my favorite place to hang out (for hours) is in the bookstore!

But that’s not all, I love the outdoors. I love to hike, bike, and take long walks with our dog, Jax! Gardening is relaxing to me, house cleaning is not, even though I hate a messy house more, so I clean! Lakes and ponds bring me peace; cities make me nervous. A small town is quaint, but I prefer the suburbs.

Writing, teaching, and developing others are my passion. I don’t think I can remember a time when I didn’t love kids, parents, and the family.

If you asked me what wrecks my heart, I’d reply, “When parents don’t know that Jesus is in their corner and He wants to help, encourage, and empower them.” Literally, this keeps me up at night!

Because I want to help families so much, in 2013 I published a book titled, Deep & Wide: Raising Children Deep in Jesus and Wide in Influence.

Our family is far from perfect; perfection has never been our aim, anyway.  But love is.  Relationship is.  And pursuing God is.

As you and I get to know one another, we will dig a little deeper into family life and discover how Jesus Christ can help our family grow in faith, hope, and love. I’m confident that if the family is grounded in a relationship with Jesus, they can be the positive change agent that overturns our negative culture.

We are going to learn so much! Don’t miss a blog post and join the conversation on our facebook page   

We will go through the Bible connecting God’s word with our life stories of motherhood, marriage, family life, divorce care, leadership development, and more. It is my desire to ensure each post is practical and adds value to your everyday life!

Let’s grow together! 

Check out my first blog post: What to do When Motherhoood is Not Enough

Talk to you soon!


As promised, here are some pics of our family: My hubby, Dan, and me! Then we have Matt, Ashleigh and her husband, Evan; their sweet baby girl, London, and Nicholas and Scott! #weareblessed!

Marcie and Dan


Evan, Ashleigh, and London (look at that sweet face!)



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